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    1. Am I going to get the same lures in my box every month? 
    - No, we keep track of all the products we send out to make sure that you are never going to get the same lure twice.
    2. What is the heaviest lure that will be in the box?
    - The heaviest lures we will be using are 4 ounces.
    3. Can I cancel/skip a month whenever I want?
    - Yes, if you ordered the ongoing/monthly subscription you can cancel anytime before the 5th of each month to ensure that you do not get charged for that month's box. You can also skip a month and you will not get charged.
    4. Do I have to pay for shipping?
    - No, shipping is always free!
    5. Do I ever get to choose what is in my box?
    - Yes, we cannot customize everyone's boxes each month but in an attempt to let you guys have a say in what goes in we will frequently put polls up to hear what you and other customers would like to see in upcoming boxes. 
    6. Will I just get a bunch of random lures?
    - No, our lures and custom picked seasonally to ensure that you are prepared for fish in season.